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One-click Payment


Accept credit and debit cards with One-Click Payment or tokenisation is faster and more convenient, which allows your customers to pay without having to enter the card details every time.


A simplified and faster buying option can create happy customers. One-Click Payment is definitely able to help you to build loyalty among your customers and enhance customer retention through the convenient way to accept payments via credit or debit card.


The card details are tokenised in a secured Axaipay e-payment platform. Registered returning customers do not need to fill in 16-digit card number and expiry date again. They just need to enter CVV code and one-time password (OTP) to confirm payment. So your customers will be thankful to you for saving their time.


How Axaipay Once-Clicked Payment Work


  1. Your buyer signs up on your website and makes the first purchase.

  2. The card details that he/she enters (card number, cardholder name and expiry date) for the initial transaction are tokenised by the Axaipay e-payment platform.

  3. The "Token Value"of the first payment is stored on the system.

  4. Next time the customer buys in your online store and clicks on the “Pay” button in your website, the system uses the Token Value of the initial transaction and charges his/her card. Before the charge, buyer still need to enter CVV / CVC2 and then one-time password at Card Issuing Bank page.


And that’s all! With that can ease your buyer shopping experience and brings your profit.

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