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Partner with Axaipay

 Interested in teaming up with Axaipay? 
Find the partner program that's right for you. 



Let’s Shape Cashless Society Together


Our partners build technology and software that help businesses to manage inventory effectively or bring more businesses online, enable new types of businesses. We've designed a program to help accelerate and amplify their impact.

Why Partner with us

Earn More Revenue

Earn commission for telling us about opportunities you have. We manage the sales process, you focus on your strengths. Or, invest back the money you receive from Axaipay into your business.

Delight Your Clients

Combine Axaipay e-payment platform with partner priority support to reduce project build times and delight clients, no matter how difficult their requests are. Our team is dedicated to helping our partners succeed.

Building More Portfolios

Attract new clients to your business by adding ‘Axaipay Partner’ to your list of recognition. Gain access to Axaipay’s event and communications, tools and contents that designed to help partner succeed.

Sales Enablement

We work hand in hand to drive business via co-branded brochure, product bundling, ready-to-use marketing materials, payment education and consulting, email campaigns and joint strategic events.



Who is Eligible?


This program is exclusive and is available only to organizations or individuals who meet our qualification criteria.

We welcome all the organizations and individuals involved in, but not limited to, one of the following fields or businesses:

  • IT Solution

  • Web Development

  • Web Design

  • Shopping Cart Provider

  • Hotel Management / Consultant

  • Property Management

  • Internet Marketing

  • Online Directory

  • Web Consultation

  • Online Advertisement

  • Credit Card Terminal Acquiring

  • Cloud Based Point of Sales

Become an
Affiliate Partner

Axaipay's Affiliate Partner program is ideal for individuals or businesses that want to get started into the Axaipay community and earn commissions for referring new clients.


There's no joining fee and sales quota. Axaipay Team will do the pitching and client onboarding.

Become a
Sales Partner

Axaipay's Sales Partner program is ideal for businesses that wanted to bundle Axaipay payment solution into their existing solution for their clients.

The Sales Partner earns recurring commission for pitching and onboarding new clients. 

There's no joining fee and sales quota.

Become an
Authorized Reseller

Axaipay's Authorized Reseller program is ideal for businesses that wanted to grow their business with us in Fintech industry.

The Authorized Resellers will enjoy higher commission plus other exclusive benefits and perks.

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