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  • Why is Axai on my bank statement?
    Axaipay is a e-payment platform that is used by many merchants, so you have likely made a purchase with one of our merchants. You may see “Axai" or “Axai Digital Sdn Bhd” on your bank statement instead of the name of the merchant that you purchased from. In some cases, "Axaipay" appears along with the Merchant name. Because Axaipay merely facilitates payments, we can only help with transaction information. If you require help with your order, subscription, or service, you need to contact the merchant directly. If you’re still not sure who requested the charge, please contact us and we can help you identify the merchant.
  • Why am I receiving payment request emails from Axaipay?
    You may be receiving payment request email from us because an online business that registered with Axaipay (or known as Axaipay Merchant) has sent the email to request payment from you before the Merchant to fulfil your order.
  • What is AutoDebit or DirectDebit eMandate?
    AutoDebit or DirectDebit eMandate is a convenient, efficient and the cost effective interbank collection service to make recurring payments. It enables automated payments directly from a your personal and corporate bank account.
  • Does Axaipay Merchants Offer AutoDebit or DirectDebit eMandate?
    Yes. Axaipay offers recurring payments to SMEs to enable them to collect payments directly from their customers by debiting customers' bank account on recurring basis.
  • How to enroll DirectDebit eMandate with Merchant?
    1. Axaipay merchant will provide you a secured DirectDebit eMandate subscription link and please click the link to kick start your enrolment process. *Note: Please ensure the link is start with 2. Review the subscription plan offered by Axaipay Merchant. Just click "Create Account" button to enroll the DirectDebit eMandate via Axaipay for first time. If you are repeat customer, just click "Login". 3. Fill up the information required and click "Create Account". 4. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) from Axaipay via email to confirm your DirectDebit eMandate account creation. 5. Enter the one-time password (OTP). *Important: Please remember to check your SPAM folder if you didn't receive the email in your inbox. 6. Select your preferred payment mode (B2C or B2B) and payer bank. *Note: Select B2C for personal bank account or B2B for corporate bank account. 7. You will go through the payment process via FPX by making RM1 through your selected bank. 8. Once the RM1 is paid successfully via FPX, then the enrolment of DirectDebit eMandate with the Merchant is successful. 9. Upon successful enrolment, the balance in your bank account will be deducted according to the subscription amount within 1 - 3 working days.
  • Can DirectDebit eMandate work with any account?
    Most current, savings or credit card account of participating banks can be used to make DirectDebit payments (Debit card is not accepted).
  • Once it's set up, do I have to do anything?
    You only need to ensure is enough money in your account every time the payment is due.
  • Why my first DirectDebit eMandate billing is RM1 lesser than actual recurring amount?
    During the DirectDebit eMandate enrolment process, you have paid RM1 up front via FPX . Therefore, your first DirectDebit eMandate billing amount will be deducted RM1. For instant, if your recurring amount is RM100, then your first deduction is RM99 and subsequence is RM100.
  • Will the payment always be on the same date every month?
    Yes. A fixed date is set in the system even if the payment is made every month, every three months or every year. If the payment date falls on the weekend or on a bank holiday, Axaipay will deduct the money from your bank account just after that due date.
  • What if changes are needed?
    If you need to change the DirectDebit Authorisation details, simply login Once login the website, you can choose "Dashboard" and then "Maintenance/Termination" to edit the details wanted.
  • How do I cancel DirectDebit eMandate Authorization?
    If you need to cancel a DirectDebit eMandate Authorisation, simply login Once login, choose "Maintenance/Termination".
  • Can money be collected from my account after I have cancelled a DirectDebit eMandate Authorisation?
    No. Axaipay would have to get your authorisation to reinstate a cancelled instruction.
  • DirectDebit e-Mandate Terms and Conditions
    You may download the terms and conditions of DirectDebit e-Mandate service here.
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