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online payment

Whatever size your business is, Axaipay fits.

With eComPay, you can get access to Axaipay payment solution to accept Visa, MasterCard, online banking, e-money, card instalments, Buy Now Pay Later scheme (BNPL) for your online businesses.

Omnichannel Payment Option

Multiple popular payment methods acceptance at one place.

Can accept payment easily

Can start accept payments today. No more weeks or months to wait.

Affordable Pricing

Farewell to expensive fee when using Axaipay

Shorter Settlement Period

Get paid faster with short settlement period.

Attentive Support

Attentive support by our local dedicated teams.

Mobile friendly

Optimized for making payments via web and mobile.


PreSettlement Service supported

Instant payment notification

Instant successful payment notification with email.

Merchant dashboard

Dashboards brings performance and reporting into one interface.

Fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention Engine to mitigate fraudulent transactions.

Easy api for integration

Easy integration with friendly API and ready built payment plugins.

best payment gateway

Trusted with international best standard and professional services.

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