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Malaysia Welcomes Digital Nomads with New Cashless Payment Solutions from Axaipay

Malaysia, renowned for its rich cultural diversity and multilingual population, is cementing its status as one of the premier destinations for global talent. In a groundbreaking initiative, the Malaysian government has launched the Digital Nomad Pass, aimed at attracting skilled professionals from around the world. This initiative not only promotes knowledge exchange but also significantly enhances the local economy.

Dr. Terry Yee, CEO of Axaipay, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative: "We take great pride in contributing to efforts that elevate Malaysia's appeal. As a proud ecosystem partner of the DE Rantau initiative, we're thrilled to introduce a special program that empowers businesses within the digital hub to transition to cashless operations seamlessly using the Axaipay payment platform. This will allow digital nomads to enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions throughout the country."

Under this special program, businesses within the digital hub can adopt cashless payment solutions for both online and offline transactions at a competitive rate of RM288.00. The all-in-one cashless payment solution provided by Axaipay includes:

  1. Card Payments Terminal - Efficiently manage in-store transactions with Axaipay RetailPay.

  2. Landing Page with E-Commerce Capabilities - Easily handle online orders and provide a smooth customer experience through AxaiCart.

  3. Secured Payment Link - Simplify online payment collections with Axaipay-to-me, allowing businesses to collect payments from customers anytime, anywhere.

In today's market, businesses need to maintain a presence both online and offline to meet the demands of modern customers. Axaipay's All-in-One Plan is tailored to address the diverse needs of businesses in this dynamic environment.

For more information about the All-in-One Cashless Payment Solution, please visit Axaipay All-in-One Cashless Payment Solution.



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