Easiest way to collect payments from customers automatically

Whether is for membership, service subscription, rental/maintenance fee collection or other subscription commerce, businesses can use Axaipay Recurring Payments to collect payments directly from their customers by debiting customers' bank account on recurring basis.

Compared with other auto-debit payments, Axaipay Recurring Payments is more cost effective solution for businesses and it can collect payments from customers at 22 participating banks in Malaysia.

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Most of the details are tracked and captured online, hence reducing the time, effort and money involved in buying and maintaining multiple tools.


Reduces friction in payments

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Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


 Recurring Payment allows a business to auto-debit a recurring payment, thereby reducing the friction of a customer logging on to the website/app to make a payment. This assures the business of continuous cash flow that it can rely upon.


Increase customer retention

One-time digital authentication allows you to auto-debit your customer’s bank account helping your customer enjoy uninterrupted service–in the longer run building customer loyalty and customer retention. No constant payment reminders to your customers.


Reduces administrative costs

As the amount is auto-debited, the business teams do not have to chase the customer to make the payment. This cuts down the operational effort,  invoicing effort and cost to the company.